Eco-Friendly Heating and Cooling Systems

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We design, supply and install solar thermal heating, ventilation and cooling systems and equipment for monitoring and analyzing energy use. We provide these systems and installations for homes, business and industry.

Solar Air Heating

Solar air heater panels mounted to your roof where fresh air flow in and heated by the sun.

Our unique axial flow, brush-less DC fans will flow around 400 cubic metres/hr of fresh heated air into your home. 

 The air flows from the heater panels through heavily insulated ducts then into your rooms through stylish ‘ceramic look’ registers.

Solar Whiz

The Solar Whiz is a powerful solar roof ventilation & exhaust fan that operates completely without mains electricity. 

It is the ideal solar exhaust fan for roof ventilation and home cooling in summer and great for reducing moisture levels and condensation in the roof space in winter. 

The superior performance, as well as its ability to suit different climates and applications, its ease of installation, and a flexible design that specifically suits Australian roofs, have all underpinned the success for our solar roof ventilation system.

Roof Heat Recovery

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“I Predict That We Could See Ice-Free Summers onthe North Pole Within a Decade.”


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Solar Whiz

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